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Hold the Phone!

What would you do if you were put on hold for over two hours when you had been over charged $1,700.00 on a medical bill?!? Take a look at our latest #IsItJustMe episode Hold the Phone to see what Marvel and The Kid did!

This character is based on my Grandma Marvel and yes - we shot this in real time when I got stuck on hold over a real mess of mis-charged bill. This video is EXACTLY what she would have done. I sat at her kitchen table in the 80's and listened to her ream out the utility companies because she was not going to "pay for a stamp to send the check in the mail and have to PAY to pay them!" She worked at the bank and managed to set up an electronic payment to the utilities way back then to avoid using a stamp and she spent hours giving them the What-for on the phone telling them it was gonna happen whether they liked it or not. Thanks for the moxie Granny. We sure do miss you. xoxo ps...The Kid's learning what she was like making these episodes.

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