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Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

I went with my 11 year old to see the film today with his buddy and mom. Go see it. When I saw the trailer I thought palllllease we do NOT need another Spider-Man film. Wrong. I was wrong. It's fantastic. From the story line, the message, the art work, the comedy and prophetic moments it's worth going to the film and seeing it IN PERSON and IN A THEATRE and in 3D. All the themes become even larger with the cameo and passing of Stan Lee (yes I cried when he appeared) and I am not even a Stan Lee fan and I CRIED- whaaaaattt??!! You know why? Because he always professed and wrote stories about doing the right thing. I won't spoil it, but this is done in a way that is right and for everyone. The kids loved it. The moms loved it. See it while you can enjoy it in 3D in the theatre.

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